Angles 2011


Remembering Umaer Basha

From the Editor

Writing on Contemporary Issues

500 Million Friends
by Kristian Fennessy

The Harmonious Partnership of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II
by Alex Hsu

Freshman Year, On the Rocks
by Shannon Moran

The Secret Lives of Fungi
by Kelly Ran

Who Makes the Call?
by Hamzah Sheikh

A Quick Stomach Turner
by Patrick Wu

Writing from Experience

The Tempest
George Bailey

Hood Rich
Devin Cornish

Musical Cycloid
Sae Kyoung Jang

The Gift of Education
Jaclyn Konapka

Xunjie Li

Chapter Four: Slavery in the U.S.
Douglas Mendoza

Journey to my Beginnings
Victor Morales

Fangfei Shen

No Cain and Abel
Scott Stephens

Writing on Science and Technology

Facing the Crisis of Digital Information Growth
Robin Cheng

Who’s Better and Who’s the Best?
Keren Gu

Microchips and Nanotubes: Using Carbon Nanotubes in Electronics
Andrew Hyer

Fukushima and the Bogey-Man
Rosie Sugrue

Writing on Literature and Culture

The Multifaceted Mute
Rebecca Macrae

Awkward Geeks: The Big Bang Theory and the Popular Image of Scientists
Heather Ryan

Elizabeth’s Monarchial Legitimacy
John Wang


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